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Dive Sites

Scuba diving in St. Vincent is unique in many ways in the fact that we have so much to offer. Ranging from muck diving,looking for critters like frogfish and seahorses, wreck diving, exploring long lost ships to wall diving, where one is dazzled by the coral and fish life. Not forgetting fantastic reef diving and swim throughs. 


Most of the dive sites are located within a 5-20 minute boat ride from the shop and consist of mostly in and out diving while the boat is moored off. 


Our favourite sites include:


Critter corner:

Best known for its shallow muck diving and finding unusual creatures like electric rays, seahorses, flying gunards and frogfish.


Petite Byahaut:

Part muck, part reef and part wall dive... everyone wins. Look out for seahorses, reef fish, all types of coral and much much more. 


Orca point:

The other side of Petite Byahaut, mostly consists of a wall dive reaching depths of 120ft. For advanced divers only. 


The Kingstown wrecks:

Consists of three wrecks sitting close together in depths between 60-120 ft/ 18-26 m. The deepest is a 18th Century French Frigate. The other two are the Siemanstrand and a tug boat which collided and sank over 30 years ago. This dive is for advanced divers only.


Over there:

This is for the muck diving enthusiasts with a depth of only 30ft, theres plenty of time to search for those hard to find critters. 


The Bat cave:

This dive has a lot to offer including the sound of bat shrieks, swim throughs and great photo opportunities. 


Here in St. Vincent we have scuba diving to suit everyones taste. Come on down and join us for plenty of underwater action. 


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